SIRIUS ENERGY, the research and development division of Makhlouf Group has been at the cutting edge of scientific advances since 1999.

SIRIUS ENERGY is simply a meet between businessmen and scientists with common environmental concerns. The businessmen are well informed individuals interested in the environment and the concepts of alternative energy. The scientific mind of SIRIUS ENERGY consists of brilliant, experienced scientists who have spent most of their lives in top research centers around the world. The issue was the insufficiency of oil and nuclear energy; the goal was creating more efficient and advanced technologies of alternative energy. 

Mr. Azzam Makhlouf,  Honorary Consul of the Republic of Vanuatu to Lebanon and an experienced entrepreneur, is the chairman of SIRIUS ENERGY S.A.  A company dedicated to clean energy research and development. The company owns a multi-million USD portfolio of novel inventions related to generation of clean energy, nuclear energy safety and efficiency and compact electrical generators for electric vehicles. His comprehensive grasp of business processes and his ability to effectively allocate personnel to carry out the necessary tasks are at the heart of his talent to drive a business to reaching its goals.

Azzam Makhlouf is an experienced individual working in the cross-field between technology development and business implementation. His dedication is to create value for customers, who seek to create business on a technology, an idea or a concept through innovation, business strategy and implementation management.

He has experience from research and development, consultancy and the venture capital industry and has held several medium and top level management positions. A unique competence is Azzam’s ability to master both content (business strategy) and process (implementation and people management), enabling a high degree of success in the implementation of strategies and processes.

The list of technological innovations, patented and awaiting patent, include the following:

In 2005: The revolutionary heat exchange technology
In 2006: a prototype color pigments technology that four years later led to the establishment of a factory in Lebanon producing color pigments;
In 2008: Construction of a prototype Synthetic Oil Reactor with the capacity to convert one ton of plastic and biological waste into useful energy with zero pollutant emissions using Sirius state-of-the-art proprietary catalyst.

Today, SIRIUS ENERGY is ready to unveil a strategy that will answer the energy demands of the world through its series of groundbreaking inventions:

Stage One is to introduce to the automobile industry its revolutionary heat exchanger for vehicles. The Sirius heat exchanger boasts an unprecedented rate of efficiency that will cut fuel consumption by at least 50 percent.

Stage Two is to fit electrically-powered vehicles with an electrostatic generator that will charge a standard lithium car battery for 14 years or replace them.

Stage Three will see the lithium batteries being replaced by thermodynamic generators which will allow a vehicle to run non-stop for 14 years. SIRIUS ENERGY's thermostatic generator has applications far beyond automobiles. It could power ships, aircraft, submarines, satellites and even spacecraft.

Stage Four is even more pioneering. SIRIUS ENERGY has developed a revolutionary nuclear fusion reactor completely unlike any other existing design. It could be constructed inside a year at less than one percent the cost of existing fusion reactors. It has the capability to produce a huge amount of electric power in a safe and controlled environment. SIRIUS ENERGY's nuclear fusion reactor will change the world. Truly, this is the holy grail of future energy production.

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