The greatest advantages of the thermo-dynamic generator developed by SIRIUS ENERGY is its ability to produce electric power ranging from a few KW to several MW depending on its size and the type or quantity of radioisotopes used. It is a reliable power source whether for all types of transportation vehicles and will also replaces power generators in all different sizes including electrical plants. Its key advantage is the ability to use nuclear waste rods as a source of energy and therefore creating not only the safest nuclear waste dump yard but also generates electricity from it.

The generator, when used on vehicles, will be powered by a safe type of radioactive isotope such as Cadmium 113m which can be mass produced and does not present any appreciable risk to public safety and which may also be produced on a large scale in current nuclear reactors.

The generator works with various types of radioactive isotopes whether natural, synthetic or from low cost nuclear wastes.  Beside its main role, each part of this generator plays the dual role of a biological shield against radiation.

The system can work in a large range of temperatures, with optimal temperatures lying between 300° C and 700° C, depending on the type and quantity of the radioactive isotopes.

Our generator, beside its ability to replace existing power plants in its different variations coal, fossil oil, gas and of course conventional nuclear fission and most of all using its waste as its main energy fuel, its immediate implementation is in the transportation industry where most of the fossil oil is consumed along with the CO2 emission, the main source for global warming.

The automobile industry will greatly appreciate this technology that will generate power as a major replacement for the lithium battery that is proven so far to be extremely heavy for a regular car, very expensive, very dangerous and it uses a very important and rare material like lithium. This will assure the right penetration of this technology that the industry is lacking and actually incapable in delivering, due to many factors but the most important is the extra needed electricity that is presently relies on coal, fossil oil and nuclear energy but the most expensive is the replacement of gas station by electrical pump that is estimated to cost hundreds of trillions of dollars in the US only. That is not considering the time to do it because It took 100 years to reach the hundred thousand existing gas stations that are spread across the US cities, roads and highways to satisfy the current needs.

The most important aspect of this technology and its greatest impact on the transportation industry is when the thermo generator is used to transfer heat into mechanical energy, thus replacing not only the lithium battery but also the electrical engine thus directly driving the wheels via a special gear box. This will constitute the revolution that this industry is waiting for. Existing cars can be also modified and fitted with the same thermo-engine and the special modifications therefore save energy, keep fossil oil for industrial applications and most importantly accelerate the decrease of pollution.

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