SIRIUS ENERGY S.A. has invented a proprietary catalyst, which converts polymeric materials and organic waste into high quality Gasoline, Diesel and Lube Oil.

SIRIUS ENERGY has constructed a prototype Synthetic Oil Reactor with the capacity to convert one ton of waste into useful energy with zero pollutant emissions (No Dioxin formation during the reaction) using SIRIUS ENERGY proprietary catalyst. This is a unique process in which 100% waste is converted into 100% value-added products. The prototype has shown that the reactors consume less than 0.5% of the energy they produce.

With SIRIUS ENERGY proprietary catalyst, plastic and organic waste has a great potential for resource conservation, such as producing diesel fuel, Gasoline and Lube oil from plastic and organic waste. This resource conservation goal is very important for countries with no or little natural resources, where fuel is imported from other countries and where rapid industrialization and economic development is putting a lot of pressure on national budget.

There is every reason, economically, environmentally and in respect of establishing a breakthrough in industry to launch a large scale waste conversion plants using SIRIUS ENERGY proprietary catalyst. Costs per ton of final products are far below what the competition faces and this is because of the Catalyst-which represents the element of comparative advantage of SIRIUS ENERGY.

All types of Plastics Waste including PS / EPS, PET, PE,PP, ABS,PC, bio-medical plastic waste (except PVC) can be used in the process without any cleaning operation.

Organic waste such as the stalks of wheat, and the leaves, stems of corn, olive seed wastes etc. can be converted into gasoline, diesel and Lube oil. There are other agricultural products and organic waste which can be processed.

Our case is different in that it produces a number of products, notably gasoline, diesel and lubricating oils. Moreover, the products used for extraction of the products mentioned do not require any new plantations or alternative use of agricultural land, and their use-in the case of plastic containers and bags-contributes to a cleaner environment from products thought to require generations before total elimination.

A pilot project has been started and improvements on its specifications were introduced. The technology of extracting products which can be used in transportation and heat generation has been proven.

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